Hello Library started with stories—stories between books and the people who introduced their bookcases to us through our project Hello Bookcase.

We believe that a person’s collection of books helps piece together and reveal a richer landscape of who that person is, in a way that is genuine and strangely intimate. And thus with Hello Bookcase we documented the relationship that our interviewees have with their own unique collections. These collections are more than mere possessions—they are an expression of the strong emotional connection that exists between people and their beloved books.

This prompted us to ask whether similar relationships exist between people and their libraries. Our conversations with librarians and patrons in City of Sydney libraries revealed that the relationship between a community and its library is every bit as varied and personal as that between an individual and their book collection.

Through the stories we heard on our journey we also found that a public library is more than just a building that houses books—it is also a community within the walls for connecting, learning, belonging and sharing.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in conversation and shared their stories.

Leigh and Kathy

Conversations: Leigh Russell
Photography: Kathy Luu

The Hello Library conversations have been supported by: City of Sydney | City of Sydney Libraries | Glider | places + spaces

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Hello Library is a non-commercial photography/conversation series.

Please contact Leigh Russell and Kathy Luu  leigh@hellobookcase.org for permission.


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