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Margaret – Customs House

We get a lot of interesting people through here. They tend to ask a lot more questions than at our other libraries.  The other libraries get more locals, where we get people off the street.

I am currently reading a book on New York because I am going there later on in the year for the Music Librarians conference.  The History of New York by Edward Rutherfurd is a fictional history based on fact.  He has written a few in the series and when I went to the Sydney Writers’ Festival a few years ago – he was there and I bought his other books which I still have to read.

A music librarian is someone who deals with the music collection, scores, audiovisual and music. The conference is on at the Juilliard School and the Library is also there. I’m semi – retired so this is my hobby. We have a selection of scores downstairs.

As a librarian, I enjoy helping people and I love watching children develop through reading – the ones that have been good readers always turn out so well. 

I always loved reading when I was younger and I wanted to be a teacher but in those days you had to get a scholarship to go to teachers college and I had just missed out.  I then started work at Bankstown library and I have never looked back.

I am a public librarian through and through. I just love it. I have been a librarian for 50 years and I am a very strong believer in public libraries.

I still have the passion and the zeal.

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  1. Marie Chellos says

    Hi Margaret,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your zest and passion for all things to do with libraries.
    You are such an inspiration – I have forwarded your message to many, in hope they too will advocate the importance of libraries and its underpinnings to life-long learning.
    This social-hub need more people like you!
    Best wishes,

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