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Maureen – Kings Cross

Just yesterday I was reading an article that mentioned a book I wanted to  read.  I just jumped online to find out if the book was in, where it was and if it is not online I can come in. They fill out a request form and find it for me. I get a message on my phone to let me know when a book I am after is in for me to collect. I come in with great enthusiasm and excitement! If you don’t come in they worry about you, you start to build a relationship with the staff here.

I have 20 books on reserve and I am here today to collect one of my books.

The book I have today is about Blanche – an Australian diary dated 1758. Blanche was the youngest daughter of the man who started the Mitchell Library in Sydney, David Mitchell.  I read anything that will take me into the world of having grown up here.

Because I have been coming to this library for so long there is always someone to greet me. There is a welcoming feeling here whenever you get out of the lift. This place is a real treasure—I love the energy here. I visit this library just about every day.

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 The book that I feel happy recommending would be Rebecca by Daphne De Maurier. I found it a wonderful read. It has a position with Jane Eyre, about love and jealousy, and how the underlying theme is of jealousy and ill-will. However, good wins in the end.

I would like to explore Germaine Greer’s bookcase because she is such an articulate thinker. A great brain. I would be intrigued about her bookshelf, only because I am a little in awe, at how she can convey verbally her thinking so that it reaches another brain, and it is understood. ‘To understand and be understood.’ 

I recently watched her on You Tube, talking about Anne, the wife of Shakespeare. Germaine was talking about women in Elizabethan times. She also threw in something about Charles the second, he has always been a hero of mine, however, what she had to say about him, and very young girls put me right off him. It makes me want to research those facts more.

I would encourage someone to use their local library because it is so exciting. It is a place that I feel so comfortable in, and would hope that others would also find a sense of belonging, knowledge and fun! If your computer crashes, and no google, your wonderful book is always faithful.

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