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Neil – Newtown

 I don’t read fiction, my imagination is strong enough, so I go to fact – histories and biographies.

At the moment, I am reading a John Lennon bio – The Lives of John Lennon by Albert Goldman.  The book was bagged by the critics for being too extreme.  There is a bio I am after to read, Michael Hollingshead; The Man who Turned the World onto LSD,  it’s a big controversial as he started the LSD movement. One book that sticks in my mind because of the flow of writing is on George Bernard Shaw by Michael Holroyd.  I’ve read 100’s of bios – the person or the writing have to be interesting for me.  I  wasn’t a big reader as a child, but I am curious on how other people live. 

I have been coming to this library every second day for the last eight years.  I like the convenience of the library, but I wish it had more space and seating. 



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