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Ruby – Kings Cross

I have exams in two weeks so I am here today to study.  I am also returning the play Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams. We went last week to see the production at Sydney Theatre Company. I loved it and I will be reviewing it for my Drama individual project.

I have only started coming to this library in the past few months. I was going to the State Library but I go to a local school and this library is more convenient as it is on the way.  I find this library intimate and you can have your own space.


We are studying The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré for English Literature and I absolutely loved it. I have read it twice, the first time I was intrigued but also confused but with the second reading I got my head around it and picked up things I missed the first time.

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  1. Mary Louise says

    What a gorgeous interview! As a regular of the library, now that I have retired, it is always such a pleasure to see bright young faces using the facilities! Good luck on your exams Ruby, and I must say that I did have a giggle when reading of your difficulty getting your head around “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold”! I also find that book a wee bit of a challenge!

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