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William – Customs House

Today I am reading  The Raj, India and the British 1600 – 1947.  I am interested in this subject and they have a good range covering it in the library. I was here trying to do some research on travelling to Amsterdam but couldn’t find what I was looking for.  

I have been coming to this library since it moved here from the Town Hall about ten years ago. I visit the library twice a week because of the access to books. I also like to check to out the international newspapers downstairs. 


At home I have a large collection and also books that belonged to my father – art and historical subjects. I collect books because it’s always good to have them as a reference. I would like to explore the bookcase of John McDonald – the art critic. I used to go the National Art School and he was a lecturer there, it would be interesting to see what is on his shelf.  

They have a good selection of art books here. I don’t think you could find a library like this anywhere else in the world that you can have access to.  


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