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Kate – Kings Cross

I come to this library every Saturday if I am able to. It’s been my routine for years since I moved to Kings Cross in 96.

On my last visit  I borrowed a book by Esther Freud – she is coming to the Opera House in March for the All About Women festival and Don Watson, who wrote The Bush: Travels in the heart of Australia, a new Australian non-fiction.

I usually go to my local bookshop – see what’s new and write down what I want to read and request it from the library. I also read the Australian and London Book Review for suggestions.
There is always a list of books that I want to borrow. I keep a list of the books I want to read and tick them off  as I read them.

I have the memoir from Alan Cumming, Not My Father’s Son and David Walsh, A Bone of Fact on my list.  The David Walsh book is one I won’t borrow from the library, I would like to own my own copy. I like to buy Art books – I recently acquired Sydney Rock Pools by Spanish photographer Ignacio Palacios.

The Saturday crew know me. They know what I like to read and if they see a book I might like they put it aside for me. It’s very personal and intimate, that’s what I like about this library.

As an adult, I have always read. I have memories of going to the library as a young child with my mother and sister every week.

I would love to explore the shelves of Helen Garner and Tim Winton. They are both my favourite Australian authors.



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