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Kristina – Surry Hills

I visit the library pretty much every day to get books, I read very quickly. I have been a member here for 15 years. Today I have just borrowed New Science and two cooking books. In high school, I loved science and I also found it useful in my University studies (Film and Communications), my passion for maths and science has never left. 

Surry Hills has a very diverse group of people. This library is a refuge for most of them who visit and the staff are very helpful and compassionate.

I would like to be invited to one of Umberto Eco’s lunches in Bologna, Italy to explore his book collection. He is a philosopher and an author, and once a year he gets together intellectual greatsI would love to be at that lunch.

When I was younger I was a latchkey kid, both my parents worked and to keep me occupied they always made sure I had a book in my hands and I read all the classics. One of my  favourites as a child was Anne of Green Gables.  As an adult, a book that I really loved is the novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind. The movie was horrible, but the book is wonderful. I loved how the scent could make people do anything. I am a scent freak I love books, scents and food.

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