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David – Surry Hills

Basically, I’ll read anything that sparks my interest. My mother would always say that I should have been a cat because I am so curious.  It’s like that with books and I read mainly non-fiction. I will pick up a book and if it seems interesting I’ll have a look. 

I have been a member here for seven years. It’s quiet and everyone respects everyone else’s privacy.  This library has a good cross section of books and it’s  first with the latest DVDs.  I usually come here three times a week. I don’t have a computer at home but I have an email address so I also pop in and check my emails.

There are some books I like to go back to again, especially film biographies. The film director Sergio Leone started directing in the early ‘60s. He initially made  ‘Spaghetti’ Westerns and was an amazing director. Every time I read his biography I can refer back to the movies. I also enjoyed the biography of Ennio Morricone, who composed music for some of the Sergio Leone films.

If libraries were to close down I don’t know what I would do.


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